Decorate your home with flowers

Since the early days of civilization, man has been promoting floral decorations comprising of living or desiccated plant materials or even artificial elements.  Decorating a room with flower can be the most cost effective way to deck up a room. Flowers have a great fragrance that has the ability to lighten everyone’s mood. As a matter of fact, flowers can also attract animals. Flowers are also known to be of medicinal use, for religious purposes, food apart from beautifying the vicinity in which it exists.

Considering a hypothetical situation where a person owns a house which is fully furnished with luxury furniture in Dubai . In spite of the presence of the luxury furniture, the room can turn out to be a little dull but the same room can be cheered up with the presence of fresh flowers.

Decorating rooms with flowers can be a visual treat to the eyes. Flowers do not only have the sole purpose of decorating up a room but they can be used to serve different purposes like the ones mentioned below.

  • Flowers can be used to dye clothes in a natural way avoiding the synthetic coloring substitutes.

  • Photographs can be decorated by using flower petals.
  • Facials can be done using flower petals.
  • Some of the flowers Mother Nature provides us are also consumed that is a large variety of edible flowers are also available.
  • Blossoms can also be gifted on various occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day etc.
  • Flowers are also used during religious ceremonies.

Flowers are known to lose its shine with time but taking some measures can make them stand a little longer than expected. Some of the tips on how floral arrangements can be used to last longer and giving the arrangements a professional look are stated below.

  • As soon as blossoms are brought, a bucket or a vase can be filled with water following which preservatives can be added and the blossoms can finally be immersed in the same.
  • If the flowers are to be kept aside for a while before the decoration has to be done, an inch of the stem of the flower should be cut off. Doing so, the fresh cuts will allow the penetration of water or help the flower to absorb water in a better manner.
  • The temperature of water also plays a role in keeping the flowers fresh. Warm water is known to help the flowers such as roses which have tightly closed bloom heads to open to its full extent. Thus, flowers with the same kind of heads can be kept in warm water for a day or two before putting it to use.
  • To keep flowers hydrated and in place, florist’s foam can be of great help. The foam should be soaked for about 15 minutes before cutting it to fit inside the vase or container. The foam should be watered on a regular basis.

Apart from these steps, the desiccated parts of the flowers should be trimmed for a better look.

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